Whether you are looking for creative ways to market your brand or own a local brick-and-mortar business, it might be worth considering membership with ADLocal Value. When it comes to marketing, we are reinventing the game by bringing a fresh approach to data analytics, customer engagement, and local advertising. 

Choosing the right marketing strategy for your business is critical. You might spend massive amounts of money with the wrong approach only to fail at reaching your target market. Traditional marketing uses broad-based methods for getting the word out, such as billboards or gimmicky slogans. These channels are often pricy without any guarantee that brand awareness will reach your actual customers.  

ADLocal Value offers a more strategic approach that widens your impact while simultaneously honing your message to gain traction with the right people. What can you get out of a membership with ALV?

What We Can Offer


Understanding what specifically engages your customer’s attention or flags their interest is a crucial step in any savvy marketing strategy. This data tells you what aspects of your advertisement campaign are working and what misses the mark. 

Yet, it is also essential not to take advantage of your customers by collecting personal data apart from their knowledge or consent. We have created an honest and effective solution for this problem. 

The best marketing campaigns consider demographics and spending – and then enhances the customer experience based on that data. You can create individual personal data portfolios utilizing dashboard analytics, URLs, QR codes, backlinking, private feedback and reviews, surveys, and testimonials. Our technology allows our engagers to personally derive value from their data exchange. 


ALV cares about local businesses. We offer special pricing for new, small businesses. Members receive access to exclusive ALV network events and network referral rewards. 

With our distinctive rewards program, you can enjoy extra streams of revenue. Hosts enjoy special access to Carousel slides, 1 free ad slot on 2 hosted screens, a 50% discount on ad pricing across all ALV networks, and a 10% discount on all ALV events. We also offer monthly ALV meetups for hosts! Want to learn more?


Our diverse, multi-media approach offers digitalized, image-based marketing that uses endless, creative ways to reach your target audience. Our flagship engagement stream–the ALV Carousel, streams visual slides packed full of helpful information, entertainment, and inspiration. 

This inventive method for re-envisioning waiting rooms and lobbies makes use of a unique opportunity to engage your clients. One complete carousel cycle includes 10-second ads on a 30-minute cycle. Views are based on an average 10-hour day in a 5-day work week. This contains 20 AD views per day, and 66 Minutes of view time per host, per month. 

Ready to Learn More?

If you are interested in hearing more about how you can take your marketing to the next level through membership with ADLocal Value, give us a call.