How ALV Works

Put your business on the map with ADLOCAL VALUE.
We are here to help you engage with your existing customers, attract new ones and grow your business through our innovative and creative ecosystem.

How Does It Work?

ADLocal Value captures engagements through dynamic QR codes, short URLs, and other tools in development. ALV also provides advertisement opportunities on our flagship carousel displayed in local and regional businesses. In addition, ALV supports its community members by hosting events which serve to create meaningful connections.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.


Display ALV content at Your Business Location


As a Business – Capture Customer Engagement


As an Individual – Rewarding What You Already Do

Does your business location have a TV screen? Then you need ALV! Entertain and inform your customers about other local businesses (non-competitor industries), light-hearted humor, and interesting educational information while they visit your place of business.

Maximize your marketing budget by purchasing a local or regional ad slot on one or more ALV carousels. Our customer engagement streams use the ALV carousel to gather important data and reviews from your clients while they watch!

Did you arrive early for your appointment? Experience a new and engaging form of entertainment in the waiting room! ALV carousels fill TV screens with light-hearted humor, business ads, and educational facts to keep you informed and entertained.