In recent years, it seems that no online user is immune to data collection. No online search is safe from retargeted ads, and purchase patterns are bought and sold in the name of digital marketing. Whether directly or indirectly, with sophisticated software or the use of “cookies,” the collection of personal information has become the norm. 

Most any business can pull your online activity – such as website searches, social media activity, and phone calls. These practices are helpful at best, and predatory at worst – oftentimes selling data or using it dishonestly. 

It was these very practices that prompted the birth of ADLocal Value.


Honest Advertising For Local Businesses

ADLocal Value prides itself on being “above board.” We believe that customers should not be in the dark about how their personal information is being used, and are committed to transparency in all our interactions. We think that customers deserve honesty, openness, and respect, and that these attributes draw people together as a community. 

Our world has largely moved online. More and more people are turning to the web for services such as grocery shopping and delivery, working remotely, or ordering products online. Yet, there are still many local brick and mortar businesses on which we depend. These local businesses need support, and ADLocal Value is committed to offering it.  That’s why our tagline is “Locals Helping Locals”. We firmly believe in supporting our business community.

Our communities thrive through local businesses, and our role is to help them by providing hassle-free advertising, whether they’re a small company with a modest budget or a large corporation.


Valuable & Affordable Advertising 

Many local businesses struggle to afford marketing services, especially those that depend on in-person foot traffic, like doctors, dentists, restaurants, or mechanics to name a few. Oftentimes, their patrons spend time in their lobbies and waiting rooms, time that is likely lacking in customer engagement. 

ADLocal Value offers a new way of “engaging” with these customers. Filling an often overlooked gap in the world of marketing, we offer entertaining, humorous, and informative “carousel” slides for waiting customers on basic television screens found in most lobbies. We offer the same value as television advertisements for a fraction of the cost.  

Our slides are attention-grabbing, with lighthearted or inspirational quotes, as well as jokes, and intriguing facts. The scrolling slides are of interest to adults and children alike. Once we grab their attention, we are able to offer informative, visually appealing advertisements to a targeted local market. Our carousels provide an easy, advertising platform, but they also help to inform and educate the audience. As in everything we do, our messages are honest, never profane or inappropriate, with an added touch of personal meaning. We believe that your relationship with your customers are more important than the bottom line, and this form of marketing provides value for real people. 


Locals Helping Locals

We are passionate about helping local businesses or individuals honestly and openly, and creating happy communities as a result. Building a real community requires transparency across all platforms, a distinct feature of what we offer. Whether you’re a Host, Advertiser, or an Engager – ADLocal Value enables people to connect around funny & educational slides or captivating and informative ads.  When working with ALV, there is value to everyone involved – a mark of success that should transcend all marketing.

If you would like to learn more about ADLocal Value, or if you are interested in becoming a host or an advertiser, please contact us to learn more about how to grow your business.