We all can agree that the collection of customer data is crucial for any business. No matter what company or industry you represent, or what services you provide, doing the right research helps identify your target customers. 

With multiple avenues for advertising in today’s visual culture, what offers the best strategy for businesses?  At ADLocal Value, we believe the best strategy considers consumer behavior, demographics, and spending – and then enhances the customer experience based on that data. 

While online shopping has all but taken over the consumer journey, the in-person experience mustn’t be discounted. Customers are still human, and nothing can replace that personal connection. Businesses who experience foot traffic, and personal relationships within a community, have a unique opportunity to gain helpful information about customers. This creates an often unseen marketing gap, which ADLocal Value recognizes as the key opportunity to reach people where they already shop.

Easy Marketing for Local Businesses 

Our one-of-a-kind approach to marketing reaches customers on a personal level, enriching their experience at a local business. This naturally builds a connection that we innately hunger for as a social species. Our approach to marketing is genuine and transparent. People connect more with people than they do with logos. This is why we offer a captivating way to engage through our ALV Carousels, providing an avenue for businesses to develop that personal interaction and relationship.

Our unique and entertaining carousel slides attract both adults and children. Having engaged their attention with fun trivia, inspiring quotes, and human interest facts, the material both inspires and informs. 

All of this comes with the added benefit of enabling you to target the right audiences. Businesses can strategically choose to partner with other complementary businesses, knowing that their market is selectively chosen for them.  

This then further creates an opportunity to learn more about your clients by tracking what engages their interest, which QR codes they are scanning, and what URLs they make use of, thereby providing you with more meaningful insights into your client base.  

Helping And Serving Our Local Communities

We focus on serving the customer rather than using attention-grabbing gimmicks orchestrated for a quick sale. Customers will find the business ads helpful and useful, offering specific discounts for ADLocal Value viewers, QR codes, and helpful services that readily appeal to locals.  

Placing an emphasis on giving customers what they actually can benefit from, over and above the “bottom line,” lends credibility to Hosts who stream ALV Carousels. This in turn builds trust among your clientele, earns loyalty, and creates a hospitable environment in which to offer relevant products and services. This is how we truly serve locals. While increasing brand awareness for businesses, we are offering value to their customers at the same time.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about ADLocal Value, our networking opportunities, or how to earn income through our Rewards Program, click here. Partner with us as we support small businesses and truly live up to our motto of Locals Helping Locals.