ADLocal Value is all about supporting local businesses. We care about our city, community, and the local people who live and work here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Among those who share this vision, we would like to spotlight one of our hosts: the Coeur d’Alene Coffee Company.

Coeur d’Alene Coffee Company is a gathering place for nearby employees, shoppers, and locals who frequent their beautiful establishments with friends and family. They have become a favorite home away from home for those who live and work nearby, as well as welcoming tourists and visitors into the community. 

That is why when the Coeur d’Alene Coffee Company learned about ADLocal Value, both of us knew this was the perfect match. Both businesses are community-minded and deeply invested in supporting local businesses

The result? Coeur d’Alene Coffee Company was our first host!

What’s Different About Coeur d’Alene Coffee Company?

Coeur d’Alene Coffee Company gives 100% of its profits back to the community, local charities, and its fantastic team of employees. They hire only those who love serving delicious coffee and want a headstart in this career. 

They opened in 2017 when the owners, Danelle & Cody Peterson, followed their dream of opening a coffee shop that offered something more. They longed to invest in this amazing community by eagerly welcoming the public and those who work in the 50 small “Den” offices that share the building. Den workers love having a warm and bustling place to enjoy top-notch coffee and treats, hold meetings, or get some work done surrounded by caring people and an exciting atmosphere of productivity. 

The CDA Coffee Company has made its home in a gorgeous brick building full of history and character, with wide open spaces, thick beams, and high ceilings. They are situated in the perfect downtown location just a block from Sherman Avenue and a couple of blocks from the lake. They are conveniently located for remote workers or those enjoying a day on the town in beautiful downtown Coeur d’Alene.

ADLocal Value fits right in with this vision

Our ALV Carousels are playing in the lobby of the CDA Coffee Company, enjoyed and seen by customers daily.  

“Mom, did you know that squids have the largest veins? I just learned that from the TV in the coffee shop!” This was said by a 13-year old who popped over to CDA Coffee Co while visiting his mom, a Den worker.  

This story perfectly captures our vision: draw families and communities together while providing innovative advertising solutions for local businesses

Our Carousels foster a fun, engaging, and hospitable culture. The Carousels also provide helpful advertisements: ads people actually care about seeing from other local companies. No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

Do you care about supporting local businesses and investing in the community? Do you have a company with a lobby area or gathering place where our Carousel slides can bring a fun and warm culture? Or would you like to advertise with us in many Carousels across the community? 

Contact ADLocal Value today, and let’s share a vision for fantastic advertising solutions while supporting local businesses.