At ADLocal Value, we relentlessly search for ways to promote and support local businesses and enhance our product offerings. This has led us to exciting new developments. In recent months, we’ve expanded our horizons by introducing ADLocal Value: Gen 2, a groundbreaking initiative designed to transform community workspaces through cutting-edge technology and innovative advertising solutions.

What is ADLocal Value: Gen 2?

In line with our logo: “Locals Helping Locals,” ADLocal Value has developed proprietary technology tailored for use in community workspaces. Community workspaces, which facilitate shared office spaces for local businesses, have become increasingly popular for fostering collaboration and networking. It should come as no surprise that we consider them a pretty great idea. Many community workspaces extend invitations for shared meals, parties, and various incentives, creating valuable opportunities for fostering connections and getting acquainted with neighboring local businesses.

However, we at ADLocal Value saw an opportunity to make these spaces even more dynamic and interconnected. Our Gen 2 technology is a game-changer, capable of displaying content on television or computer screens in communal workspace areas. Unlike traditional collaborative spaces that often have secure, private suites with limited exposure, ADLocal Value’s digital product brings visibility to every member business, creating a vibrant ecosystem.

Who Can Benefit from ADLocal Value: Gen 2?

1. Individual Businesses:

  • Custom Ads: ADLocal Value creates bespoke 20-second video ads for each business showcased on our flagship ALV Carousel within the community workspace.
  • Exposure Opportunities: By participating, businesses gain exposure among fellow local businesses, fostering brand recognition and potential customer acquisition.
  • Technical Support: We offer 24/7 technical support, ensuring a seamless experience for businesses utilizing our advertising platform.

2. Community Workspace Owners:

  • Network Marketing Leader: ADLocal Value is the preferred choice for network marketing in community workspaces, providing tangible value to workspace owners and tenants alike.
  • Revenue Share: Workspace owners enjoy a passive income through revenue-sharing based on the number of tenant members advertising on the internal carousel.
  • Risk Mitigation: ADLocal Value handles all technical troubleshooting, allowing workspace owners to focus on their core business offerings.


Community Benefits

  • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community and collaboration among workspace members.
  • Brand Awareness: Increase visibility and awareness among tenants through captivating ad designs.
  • Custom Content: Benefit from professionally designed, 20-second ads tailored to showcase each business.
  • Online Promotion: Extend your community’s reach through online promotion facilitated by ADLocal Value.


ADLocal Value Gen 2 is not just a step forward in advertising; it’s a leap toward creating vibrant, interconnected communities where local businesses thrive and support one another. Join us in this exciting journey of innovation and collaboration! For more information on how you can gain brand recognition, promote your business, and propel your marketing strategy to the next level, visit our website at ADLocal Value or contact us today.