Whether you realize it or not, you always communicate something to your customers. You give them a message about your vision, brand, and voice every minute they are inside your business. 

In one sense, when it comes to marketing, there is no such thing as neutrality. There are no empty spaces. 

We often think of waiting areas or lobbies as blank, filler spaces and don’t give them much thought. For example, if you own a dental office or physical therapy business, the lobby area is not where the real action occurs and can seem unimportant.

Yet, the waiting room is usually the first thing your customers see when they walk in the door. We all know how important first impressions are. Statistically, you have 7 seconds to make an excellent first impression. 

It is surprising, therefore, how often waiting rooms lack vision. Other than a few potted plants and some nice pictures or a few magazines, we rarely think about them. We know it’s essential to make people feel comfortable and welcome. Maybe you even know that you should communicate something about your brand. 

Sometimes your lobby is where your primary business happens, such as in the case of Coeur d’Alene Coffee Company. In such a case, even if you have probably applied more significant design planning, you still need to convey an intentional vision. The lobby offers a critical opportunity, so don’t waste it, or customers may sense thoughtlessness and indifference.

You either tell your customers that you care or that you don’t.

You might be thinking, what can I do differently? Reimagining and recreating your lobby can take time and effort. It’s also important to avoid originality for its own sake. 

ADLocal Value offers an innovative solution for reinventing your lobby area or waiting room. What if you could serve and take care of your customers throughout every aspect of their experience in your business? What if you could offer something they truly value and need? What if you could engage their attention while entertaining, delighting, and creating deeper connections with them? 

ADLocal Value (ALV) offers a digitalized marketing approach that uses your lobby’s television. Our Carousels showcase slides with fascinating facts: “Did you know that bubble wrap was originally invented as wallpaper?” Or inspirational quotes, humor, and advertisements from local businesses. 

The ALV Difference:

  • HOSPITABLE: Our Carousel slides recreate lobby areas by making them warmer and more welcoming. Our slides often trigger spontaneous conversations. This is a fantastic way to show your customers you care, which creates repeat clients who trust and refer you. 
  • HELPFUL: Our slides are created with people in mind – their needs and desires. For example, they may see a slide for a local business that they never even knew existed just down the road from them. 
  • SMART: Take advantage of your spaces and fill them with innovative and tested marketing techniques that build brand and voice and increase profits. 

Want to Learn More?

Your lobby area says a lot about who you are, so make it work for you. Contact us and tell us about your business. We would love to discuss how we can help you recreate your lobby area!