For some people, networking is right up there with spending quality time at the DMV. They would instead do just about anything else. For others, networking comes naturally, almost magically. 

But even if you are great at networking, you should cool your jets before telling those golf stories. Effective networking requires more than a winning smile and a great golf swing. First, take the time to form a solid, strategic marketing plan. 

Listed below are some critical questions to ask yourself. If you are unsure about your answers, think it through before you start networking. 

  • What is your vision? 

If networking comes easily to you, then this question is critical. You may have the talent and enthusiasm in spades, but if you don’t have a grounded reason for executing your business, people will pick up on that right away. Learn to distinguish between vision and talent; they are two very different things. 

To succeed in life, you must have a compelling reason for wanting to do something. Why are you willing to work hard and get things done? 

  • What needs is your product fulfilling? 

You’ve made the connections, and you have their attention; great. But the first thing people will want to know is why your product or service is relevant to them. What problems are you solving for your target consumer? 

Be ready with a clearly thought-out answer for how you can fix their problems in specific ways. People will sense your confidence and clarity or lack thereof. For instance, if someone is looking to improve their health, you can provide them with the necessary tools and resources to stay healthy.

  • Who is your target market?

It is essential to take the time to distinguish this before you begin networking. It bears a massive impact on whom you will reach out to. The ability to make friends with anyone is an excellent characteristic. But it won’t get you far if you’re not reaching the right people. 

  • What are your business goals?

In a sense, networking is like a job interview. You are looking for backing, support, and customers for your business. This means that when they ask you questions, you had better be prepared to answer them. Make sure you have a clear and thoughtful answer regarding your business goals, plans, and vision for the future. 

  • Are you an ethical and trustworthy worker?

This often overlooked quality is essential for networking – maybe the most crucial factor. It’s about being honest and genuine. This will allow you to build solid and lasting relationships with your customers.

In other words, if networking ever works, it works because people believe in you. If they want to support your business, it will be because they trust you, period. 

ADLocal Value began because we wanted to create a more ethical way for businesses to advertise, network, and sell their products. 

  • Do you have the right marketing tools?

Networking is a fantastic way to build your business. Using cutting-edge technology is also essential. But what if you could combine networking and tech as you market your business? Even better. 

ADLocal Value has done just that. We are all about networking, about locals helping locals, and we’re doing it through savvy, multimedia, and digitalized technology. Our ALV Carousels combines innovative technology with engaging content that can reach your target audience. It works for you so you can focus on your business as well as your golf swing. Contact us today and learn how you can effectively reach the right people.