Marketers often make a big mistake when evaluating story ideas: relying on their own personal interests. Content marketing should align with the audience’s preferences, not yours. Without a clear understanding of your target audience, creating content becomes a gamble for attention. 

Successful marketing involves creating marketing personas that provide deep insights into your audience’s identity, challenges, pain points, and the solutions they seek. This forms the foundation for crafting meaningful and valuable content that resonates. Marketing personas offer an intimate comprehension of your audience—their identity, challenges, and, crucially, how you can aid in solving their issues.

What Are Marketing Personas?

They’re a fusion of individual traits (like age, sex) and psychographic insights (their motivations).

In essence, marketing personas are intricate guides to your audience’s thoughts and personalities, allowing you to understand their viewpoint. By condensing these qualities into distinct personas, you form a tangible image of the real people you aim to engage.

How Do Marketing Personas Benefit Marketers?

By leveraging personas, you can delve into your intended audience’s mindset, enhancing your ability to generate, evaluate, and customize ideas for the right individuals. This ensures your content remains captivating, pertinent, and valuable. Moreover, this knowledge can shape other brand aspects, like tone and design.

Elevating your content quality facilitates the creation of a devoted community that aligns with your brand for the long term. 

Listed below are some guidelines by which you can start to create your own customer persona: 

  • Research: Gather data through surveys, interviews, and analytics. Use customer feedback and testimonials. Utilize social media insights and online behavior tracking.
  • Identify Key Traits: Define demographic information (age, sex, location, etc.). Explore psychographic details (interests, values, motivations). Highlight pain points, challenges, and goals.
  • Give each persona a name to humanize them. Outline job roles, responsibilities, and industry specifics. Include personal anecdotes or scenarios for context.
  • Goals and Challenges: Identify what the persona aims to achieve (professional and personal goals). Understand that persona’s obstacles, pain points, and frustrations.
  • Behavior and Preferences: Explore online and offline behaviors. Understand preferred communication channels and content formats. Determine influences and information sources.
  • Craft a Narrative: Compile the gathered information into a coherent story. Make the persona relatable and memorable.
  • Validate and Refine: Review your personas with accurate customer data. Adjust and update personas as customer insights evolve.

Innovative Strategies: The ALV Carousel

While online research is undoubtedly valuable for identifying your target audience, there’s a certain magic in using creative, offline methods to establish connections that can often yield even better results. Engaging with people directly, having conversations, and asking pertinent questions can provide insights beyond data points. This personal approach can be instrumental in genuinely understanding your audience’s preferences and needs.

For instance, the ALV Carousel is an innovative method that presents various local brands in the lobbies of diverse businesses. Not only does it showcase products and services, but it also serves as a unique data-gathering tool. Companies can gain valuable insights by observing people’s interactions with the carousel, such as their interests and engagement with QR codes. This creative approach blends entertainment with information, allowing for a more engaging interaction that provides insights while connecting with the audience unconventionally. 

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