If you own a business that sees foot traffic, you know how important it is to establish trust with your clients. Your business is dependent on loyal, repeat customers who recommend your company to others.

One of the most important ways this can be achieved is through building relationships. A smile or warm greeting goes a long way, but what if you could do even more to show your clients that you truly care about them? What if you could also create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your waiting room or lobby, in which clients often spend untold hours waiting for appointments? 

At ADLocal Value, we recognize an often overlooked opportunity to interact with your customers, keeping them smiling, engaging their attention, and building trust. Want to learn how you can go above and beyond for your clients?

Becoming an Alv Host


Becoming a host with ADLocal Value is simple and cost-effective–a no-brainer. If your business has a TV screen then there is no reason it can’t be effectively used to enliven your lobby area. Our unique, game-changing ALV Carousels offer a non-gimmicky, fresh approach to customer engagement.

Our Carousels create a multi-media approach to marketing, through image-based entertainment, light-hearted humor, and thought-provoking or inspirational quotes. Both entertaining and enlightening, these slides can be great conversation starters, or at the very least, make your business come across as more personable and approachable. 


Our Carousels offer a fantastic way to learn more about your customers. Contemporary methods of data collection for marketing purposes have become a controversial and often mistrusted enterprise. Many people feel that their rights to privacy are continually betrayed through the sometimes ruthless methods of online tech companies. 

We offer a simple way to learn more about your customers, their interests, and what information engages their attention. You can observe what elicits a response such as capturing a URL address or QR code, without compromising their trust or violating ethical, data-collection standards. 


Participate in the ALV Rewards Program and create an extra stream of revenue! ALV hosts are granted special access to Carousel slides. You will be granted 1 free ad slot on 2 hosted screens, a 50% discount on ad pricing across all ALV networks, and a 10% discount on all ALV events. We also offer monthly ALV meetups for hosts! Want to learn more?

Let’s Get Started!

If you are ready to reach your customers in a fresh, unique way that engages their minds with a touch of fun and whimsy, or if you have more questions about the services we offer, we invite you to give ADLocal Value a call