The marketing game has changed in recent years. Traditional, broad-based marketing has been replaced by a more precise, measurable approach. If you want to stay current and reach your target audience, you might want to consider becoming an advertiser with AdLocal Value. 

We offer an inventive, digitalized approach to marketing that is effective and cutting-edge. Our creative use of the ALV Carousel, which emphasizes local businesses and Multi-Media Marketing, is garnering interest. 

Perhaps you’ve seen what we can offer businesses and are wondering how to become an advertiser with ADLocal Value. Listed below are some ways to make use of our marketing platform to get your name out there and in front of the right people. 

Purchase a Local or Regional “Carousel” Ad Slot

Employ one or more engagement streams by using our original ALV Carousels, accessible in various environments, such as doctors’ offices and other local, in-person lobby areas and businesses. With this fresh approach to customer engagement, we offer carousel slides that play on the television screens of waiting rooms. These slides engage, enlighten, and entertain viewers who are often stuck waiting for appointments.  

People spend much of their time in waiting rooms; this reality will never go away for many businesses. This creates a beautiful opportunity for deeper, face-to-face connections. ADLocal Value has recognized a rare marketing opportunity to get your name out to a captive audience. Our Carousels can reach people, and build brand trust and awareness, all while keeping customers entertained and engaged. 

Create a Data Portfolio 

We live in an age where data collection often crosses personal boundaries without regard for the customer’s right to privacy. ALV provides opportunities to capture data and information about your target audience while keeping your research above board. 

ADLocal Value’s technology allows advertisers the ability to derive value from their data exchange by monitoring what engages customers and what does not, as well as what QR codes are made use of. This honest approach to data collection can then be effectively used to build a personal data portfolio unique only to them.

Increase Brand Awareness

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Put your business on the map using our inventive approach to image-driven marketing. You can make use of attention-grabbing advertisements that engage and entice the viewer. Take advantage of intriguing headlines and eye-catching images to get your brand noticed and remembered. 

Local connections provide a unique opportunity for exposure to the public by using deeply engaging content through various platforms. This multi-media approach to digital advertising offers diverse options for reaching people. You can use text ads, video ads, images, and more. These ads are accompanied by slides showing quotes, humor, and thought-provoking insights that already hold the viewer’s attention. This also provides the opportunity to choose your audience, as well as include exclusive deals and QR codes. 

Participate in the ALV rewards program 

As a bonus, our unique rewards program can provide extra revenue through our ALV partner package. 

If you are ready to jump in or have more questions, please contact us and find out how you can join the ALV movement!