Small businesses constitute the lifeline of cities and communities. The character of your town is centered around the various shops, restaurants, art studios, boutiques, bookstores, and other small companies that are located in it. These businesses give our communities their identity, culture, and appeal. 

By supporting local businesses, you can help maintain the storefronts in your neighborhood. To support small businesses is to promote a thriving economy and community. The success of small businesses can help boost the local economy and create jobs. They also support local charities and provide a variety of services and goods. (Did you know that the majority of contributions to charities come from local businesses?)

Listed below are some ways you can support your local businesses:

  • Shop online locally: Before clicking “Place Order” online, consider whether you could get the same product or service locally. If you enjoy the ease of online shopping, you may be surprised how many local businesses also offer convenient online shopping and delivery services.
  • Buy gift cards: You can help small businesses and boost sales through gift card purchases. Although you may wait to use them, gift cards can help bolster their sales and keep you as a loyal customer.
  • Order take-out: Restaurants often allow customers to order take-out. Some delivery services offer curbside pickup or fast and free delivery.
  • Bookstores: Instead of going to Amazon to buy books, try browsing through independent stores online or in person.
  • Social Media: Follow local businesses on social media to get updates and inspiring posts. They’re getting creative and sharing their posts, which can help boost their exposure. A good review can help a business attract more customers. It can also help them appear on search engines as a 5-star business. Comment on, like, and share their posts. 
  • Word of mouth: Tell friends and family about your favorite local business.
  • Post a pic: Share photos of your favorite local business and tag them with a shout-out. It will help them get their name out there and encourage more people to support them.

“Locals Helping Locals”

That is our mantra at ADLocal Value and it is one of the primary reasons why we started our business. We believe in helping and supporting local businesses! We care about our communities and the small businesses that make up our culture. 

As a part of our innovative digital advertising platform, we offer ALV Carousels that play on the television screens of local businesses. This service connects local businesses with each other through networking. It also fosters connections for local consumers who patronize the businesses. 

If you are visiting a local business, wouldn’t you rather see advertisements from other local companies that you care about instead of advertisements for large, national businesses?

If you know of or represent a local business that might benefit from our Carousels or from placing an advertisement in one of our slides, please contact us today!