Community workspaces have become a thriving way of bringing employees from different businesses together in urban areas. Many people are already realizing the benefits of these spaces, making them a win-win for everyone involved, from employees to entrepreneurs to business owners. However, there may be untapped benefits that you haven’t realized yet. As this concept continues evolving, ADLocal Value recognizes an opportunity to elevate community workspaces even further. 

What is a Community Workspace?

A community workspace is typically a spacious building located in a key urban area close to amenities. It combines different businesses and provides individual workspaces, small offices, meeting rooms, or large meeting areas. These spaces have become increasingly popular as a hybrid option between remote work and traditional office settings.

Who Uses Community Workspaces?

Various individuals can benefit from community workspaces. Remote workers, for instance, may prefer working in a productive environment alongside others rather than just a few feet away from their refrigerator. Even larger businesses sometimes utilize community workspaces as a more cost-effective alternative to owning or renting their own building, with the added benefit of offering valuable networking opportunities.

At ADLocal Value, we strive to push the limits and take community workspaces to the next level. Here are some innovative ways that ADLocal Value can enhance your community workspace, whether you’re a business involved in one, a remote worker, or a workspace owner.


  1. ALV Carousels

Our TV carousels play in the large open areas or offices of community workspaces, benefiting everyone involved. ADLocal Value curates a custom 15-second ad highlighting your business and your products or services. These custom ads are placed on televisions that play on a rotating carousel within the workspace.


For workspace owners, it generates passive income while creating enhanced networking and community-building opportunities. The slides are humorous and thought-provoking, sparking conversations between employees during breaks or lunchtime, further building community. Additionally, they can advertise specific businesses within the community workspace, offering each business or worker an opportunity for brand recognition and introduction to others in the space.


  1. Discover New Opportunities

Workers can discover and learn about new and established businesses nearby that they might not have otherwise known about. This discovery can lead to potential collaborative opportunities or fill needs they didn’t realize were nearby. Individuals can expand their professional networks and access valuable resources by connecting with others in the community workspace. 


  1. Foster Collaboration

ADLocal Value’s Carousels creates an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation within community workspaces. In partnership with your workspace, ALV offers a creative and effective digital marketing solution. Our ads work while you do – enabling connections between casual workspace users, one-time event attendees, and long-term members who work there daily. 


By promoting interaction between businesses and individuals, our services encourage the sharing of ideas, expertise, and resources. This collaborative atmosphere can lead to the development of new projects, partnerships, and ventures that benefit everyone involved.


ADLocal Value offers solutions to optimize and enhance community workspaces for businesses, remote workers, and workspace owners alike. Join us in taking your workspace to the next level. For more information or to learn more about the ALV Carousel, visit our website or connect with us today.