Doing business well has everything to do with building relationships. Local, in-person businesses have a unique opportunity to reach individual customers through establishing personal relationships and creating valuable, life-long connections. Operating within a business that experiences local foot traffic and face-to-face interactions creates a rare chance for getting to know your customer base.

In-person services such as doctor’s or dental offices, local grocery stores, auto-repair shops, and many others, often have personal relationships with their clients, and we believe that these businesses are the backbone of our communities. They are uniquely poised to build trust and personal engagement with their customers. They can offer the warmth of human connection, and create the friendship and community lacking for many people today. 

The ALV Carousel

One often overlooked opportunity for connection occurs before and after appointments or interactions. Research shows that humans spend five years of their lives simply waiting in lines. Likewise, many people spend a lot of time in the waiting rooms and lobbies of brick-and-mortar businesses. This is a fantastic and rare opportunity to reach your customers and engage their attention.

Without using a quick, gimmicky approach to sales, (which usually annoys consumers and is rarely effective), ADLocal Value has created a fresh approach to customer engagement. We offer carousel slides that play on the television screens of waiting rooms, that engage, enlighten, and entertain the entire family. 

Believing that the best way to attract attention is through first offering something of value to people, our slides are humorous, thought-provoking, inspiring, and lighthearted. A humorous slide, or inspiring quote, for example, catches and holds consumer attention by offering something beneficial. ADLocal Value ensures that all carousel ads and slides are engaging and captivating, since “social scientists have demonstrated that an interactive audience is more easily persuaded than a passive one.” [1]

Amidst the entertaining content are a variety of ten-second, family-friendly advertisements providing opportunities for local businesses and consumers alike. Businesses get the opportunity to gain brand awareness among local and extended markets, while customers view unique discounts and promotions from these businesses. Each Carousel business ad is shown for 10 seconds, 20 times per day, per Host, on a 10-hour / 5 day per week average business cycle. This equates to 11 hours of television ad-view time per month across a minimum of 10 Host locations!

Easy Marketing for Local Businesses 

ADLocal Value fills a marketing gap that already exists, meeting people in local places they are already frequenting on a daily basis. These carousel slides create a warm, hospitable atmosphere, connecting with people on a deeper level using unique and relatable content. Our ALV Carousels not only include ten-second business ad slots but also include other fun engaging content such as::

Family-friendly humor

Our humorous content is lighthearted and fun! Never showing anything inappropriate or unsuitable for general audiences, we will keep both adults and children chuckling. 

Inspirational Quotes

Intriguing quotes from past or present-day thinkers are an easy way to grab attention and encourage thoughtful interactions and conversations, as well as uplift the overall mood of your waiting room or lobby. 

Thought-Provoking Facts 

Who doesn’t love learning cool facts about squids or “black holes” in the universe? Interesting and often overlooked insights create moments for gaining perspective and opening compelling conversations within your local business. 

Historical Figures

Learn about some of history’s famous figures with interesting facts, dates, and photos in our slides. You’ll walk away intrigued, inspired, and more intelligent!

These carousels are unique because they not only offer valuable entertainment, they create an opportunity to learn more about your clients by tracking what engages their interest, which QR codes they are scanning, and what URLs they make use of, which provides you with more meaningful insights into your client base.  

We are priced to complement existing marketing strategies rather than replacing them, with professional and engaging material. As an added bonus, there is the potential for national advertising and exposure, as we anticipate nationwide growth. 

Want to Learn More?

If you would like more information on hosting a carousel in your place of business, or about advertisement opportunities with ADLocal Value, please contact us here