On the evening of Thursday, October 20th, the long-anticipated launch event for ADLocal Value welcomed an enthusiastic group of people, including interested business owners. This event aimed to introduce and inform the public about a new, exciting marketing platform available to local businesses.


Owners of ADLocal Value, Susan Schuler, and her son, Daniel Black, have long been invested in their community. Their care and affection for local businesses was evident to those in attendance. Susan served as a Liberty Lake City Council member and is currently volunteering with Operation Spokane Hero’s, demonstrating that volunteering in the local community has always been an integral part of Susan’s life.

A family-owned and operated business, ADLocal Value originated as an outpouring of this deep investment in the community. ALV cares about seeing local businesses succeed, which forms part of the inspiration that turned ALV into a reality. 

The event opened with a mulling crowd, who enjoyed delicious treats sponsored by The Coeur d’Alene Coffee Co, who partnered with ALV in hosting this event. The Coffee Company was one of the first businesses to host an ALV Carousel television in their coffee shop lobby.

ALV is also a proud Coeur d’Alene Regional Chamber member and looks forward to a future partnership with them in supporting businesses from our local community. Members from the Chamber of Commerce attended the event and joined the iconic ribbon-cutting ceremony, endorsing ALV as a brand new, local business. Some in attendance included the Chamber’s own Linda Coppess, Katie Rose Hargraves, and Karen Gray.

Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the crowd enjoyed a visual, live presentation overviewing the benefits available to ALV participants. Those in attendance were privileged to learn about the many features of ALV and how it evolved into the business it is today. 

ADLocal Value: A New Approach to Marketing

ADLocal Value believes most businesses want to work with people they know and trust. Many want to give back to the place where they live, work, and enjoy life with their family and friends. People usually care for the success of locals. 

The thoughtful presentation painted a vision that most people can get behind. ALV is about community investment, helping local businesses, and becoming the advertising go-to you know and trust. But that is not all; ALV offers a fresh, inventive, digitalized approach to multi-media marketing that is cutting-edge and marketing-savvy. 

With a commitment to being family-friendly, ADLocal Values slides are lighthearted, humorous, and engaging. For example, a sample ALV Carousel played on a nearby screen throughout the event, causing spontaneous favorable reactions and giggles from onlookers. “I would much rather watch these carousel slides than the cat videos often played at my dental office,” said an audience member. 

The event closed with an eagerly anticipated raffle drawing, at which three lucky winners walked away with branded hoodies, Yeti thermoses and other swag gifts. Interested parties were entered into a drawing for a $250 Yeti Cooler full of prizes, the winner of which will be announced on the ADLocal Value social media accounts

Didn’t Make It?

Even if you could not attend this memorable event, you can still learn about ALV and how it can help grow your business! If you want to learn more about how ALV offers a modern, digital, and people-focused approach to marketing, visit our website or contact us today.