As we reflect on the past year at ADLocal Value, it’s remarkable to see how far we’ve come since our initial launch. The journey has been one of growth, refinement, and unwavering commitment to our core values. Through it all, our central focus has remained steadfast: investing in the community through “Locals Helping Locals.”

As the year draws to a close and the holidays are in full swing, we would like to take a moment to reflect on all that we’ve been given in the previous year.

Significant Changes in Growth

  • In the span of just a year, the concept of ADLocal Value has burgeoned. We’re delighted to welcome several new clients into our family, including BECU, Nothing Bundt Cakes New Leaf Chiropractic, Take 5 Oil Change, and Stoa Law, among many others. This influx of clients is a testament to the resonance of our mission — supporting local businesses and fostering community bonds.


  • Our flagship ALV Carousel has grown not only in popularity but also in our hosting network. New hosts have joined us, expanding the reach of our Carousel and, consequently, the exposure for the businesses featured in it. Our roster of advertisers has expanded, with more businesses recognizing the unique advertising potential within the ALV carousel.


Community Workspaces

One of the exciting developments this year has been the introduction of community workspaces. These spaces are more than physical locations; they are vibrant hubs facilitating networking opportunities and bolstering brand awareness for local businesses. As we evolve, ADLocal Value remains at the forefront of providing innovative solutions that go beyond conventional advertising.

Why the Excitement About ADLocal Value?

ADLocal Value has garnered enthusiasm for several reasons, all resonating deeply with the local community. One standout factor is our commitment to honest and integrity-filled data collection. In an era where data privacy is often compromised, we have pioneered an innovative approach that prioritizes transparency and ethical practices.

Central to our ethos is the dedication to investing in local businesses. While digital marketing has its place, our passion lies in seeing local enterprises thrive. ADLocal Value provides a platform for these businesses to connect with their community authentically.

Join the Buzz

Curious about what makes ADLocal Value a buzzworthy name? Look no further. Our commitment to honest data practices, unwavering support for local businesses, and innovative advertising solutions make us a distinctive player in the market.

If you believe your business could benefit from the ADLocal Value approach, we invite you to explore our website. Discover a new and creative way to market your products or services while contributing to the growth and vibrancy of your local community.

As the year draws to a close and the festive season envelops us, we express our gratitude for the journey we’ve shared with our clients, hosts, advertisers, and the community. Here’s to a year filled with growth, collaboration, and the shared mission of locals helping locals. Contact us or visit our website to find out how you can grow your business.