For certain businesses, a local marketing campaign is essential. Companies located in physical locations such as restaurants, salons, medical offices, retail, and many others rely on local foot traffic to keep their doors open.

Effective local marketing can help boost traffic, boost the conversion rates of your website visitors, narrow your focus on finding potential customers within a certain radius, and attract more customers. This is particularly important for small, independent retailers competing against large chains. 

Listed below are five marketing tips to help you get started with a robust local marketing campaign:


Ensure that your website is optimized for local users. Identifying the key terms and keywords that will help your website rank well on Google is essential. Mention your area or nearby communities regularly. For instance, if you aim to reach a regional audience, you might add terms like “serving North Idaho” to your website. Also, make sure you include a local landing page.


One of the most effective ways to boost your local marketing efforts is by claiming your Google Business listing. This allows search engines to find your business information, such as your address, contact details, and store hours.

You should also claim your listings on other websites, such as Facebook. Including your business information and location on these third-party platforms will help boost your marketing efforts. Today, people search for businesses online first and then visit them in person.


Social media is one of the most critical factors in online marketing. A well-designed and localized social media presence ensures that customers can find your business.

Try to get your existing customers to follow you. In addition to providing interesting content, your updates can also be seen by your followers’ local friends. You can target Social Media in your area, using it to provide relevant information such as hours of operation and contact info.


One of the most powerful tools a company can have is to partner with other businesses. This includes sponsoring events, working together on SEO content, and linking to each other. This can help boost the efforts of both parties.

ADLocal Value provides a fantastic way to partner with other local businesses. Our one-of-a-kind ALV Carousels are used in the lobbies of local businesses. Our Carousel slides offer advertisements of other local businesses featured in innovative and engaging digital marketing. In fact, this is an intentional vision for uniting and connecting locals with the people and companies they need. 


That is another reason why ADLocal Value works to offer paid advertising slots to locals. These slides provide a unique opportunity for businesses that wish to market to local consumers. It allows you to control your audience and market your brand with precision and confidence.

Want to learn more about how to launch a successful marketing campaign for local shoppers? Contact ADLocal Value today!