Sometimes, the best way to convey a great idea is to see it in action. Each month, we would like to showcase certain businesses that are taking advantage of our advertising platforms. 

This provides an opportunity for you to see current examples of the business relationships we have created and what it can look like to work with ADLocal Value. While we are pretty excited about our advertising carousels here, you don’t have to take our word for it. 

ADLocal Value loves working with local businesses, promoting them, and helping them succeed. A great example is one of our clients My Sushi Sensei, a purveyor of on-the-go sushi classes, who recently became an advertiser with ADLocal Value.  

My Sushi Sensei offers fantastic sushi classes right at your home, business, or party! The story behind My Sushi Sensei is pretty interesting. After receiving a bet that he could never make sushi, Isaac Cunnington, owner, and founder of My Sushi Sensei started watching YouTube videos and eventually taught himself all the insider tricks. This was an easy step towards teaching others. He found that his love for teaching equaled his love of making (and eating!) sushi. Soon enough, My Sushi Sensei was born.

Using only experienced, industry-leading sushi instructors, My Sushi Sensei puts together a sushi-making class that teaches top sushi-making techniques in your own home or place of business. 

As a mobile business, My Sushi Sensei found that using traditional marketing techniques was challenging. ADLocal Value presents an excellent option for local businesses like My Sushi Sensei that need to find creative ways to market their company. 

My Sushi Sensei now has advertisements running regularly in the Carousels hosted by other businesses. This creates a great opportunity for various local companies to network and support each other. 

As a bonus, ADLocal Value teamed up with My Suchi Sensei for a sushi class on November 17th at Liberty Lake Portal who is also a host company for ADLocal Value! Creating connections between local businesses who can network and support each other is what we are all about!

For example, another business in attendance at this event, Greenspace, provided the following testimonial: 

We responded to an invitation from The Portal to support a new company during our lunch hour and we have no regrets. This opportunity was not only in good timing but also in good company as we had an opportunity to unite with others that we wouldn’t have met otherwise. After all how can you go wrong with sushi, smiles and learning how to roll? Whether you are looking for an intimate experience with loved ones or a corporate event, Isaac has you covered! Isaac, thank you for changing my mind about what sushi should really taste like!”

–Mickayla Pierce, GreenSpace Recycling

Are you Interested in Creatively Advertising your Business Locally?

ADLocal Value is an excellent option for advertisers. One or more engagement streams can be combined using our original ALV Carousels, which can be found in various locations, such as doctor’s offices and in-person businesses. Businesses can use these slides to entertain and inform viewers while they wait for their appointments. Our customer engagement streams can be used in various environments to drive action and capture meaningful customer engagement data.

How does that help you? It not only provides extra exposure for your business but does so with customers who are likely interested in supporting local businesses. In other words, you can uniquely reach the target audience. 

To learn more about ADLocal Value and how your business can grow through our cutting-edge digital marketing platform, please visit our website or contact us today!