In continuing our series spotlighting businesses who are either advertising or hosting with us, ADLocal Value is thrilled to feature one of our newest clients: Liberty Lake Portal. 

Liberty Lake Portal is more than just a beautiful, state-of-the-art suite of offices. Located conveniently in Liberty Lake with easy access to main roads and Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, The Portal can be your home away from home. 

The facility offers everything you may want from an office building, such as up-to-date utilities, janitorial services, on-site security day and night, break rooms, multiple spacious conference rooms, a loading dock, showers, and more. The owners of Liberty Lake Portal also care about their people. They are friendly, excited to connect with their clients, and even host unique events where tenants from various businesses can meet each other.

The Magic of Networking

Many people realize the importance of networking in today’s employment market. LinkedIn and other online platforms have become essential tools for establishing business connections.

But ADLocal Value also recognizes the importance of face-to-face networking – we are all about it! Our ALV Carousels bring people together both in person and in a broader sense: within the local community. With our original technology and innovative multi-media platform, we have created the means of drawing the local community together and enabling local businesses to network.

Liberty Lake Portal is the perfect example of this. Many people might fail to recognize the potential opportunities in redefining office spaces. Instead of offering simply a break room, The Portal goes beyond this, offering the warmth of personal connection and introducing local businesses to one another.

Our ALV Carousel is currently playing in their breakroom, creating connections and broad exposure and adding networking layers among people inclined to trust each other and work together. 

What Does it Take to Become an ALV Host?

Customers can tell whether their places of business care about them or whether they are considered just another number. One of the most important ways to build strong relationships with your clients is by developing a warm and welcoming environment. 

As with The Portal, this can be done by creating a friendly atmosphere in the waiting room or the lobby, which will keep your clients coming back for more. Consider improving the efficiency of your existing business. We can help you transform your lobby area with our ALV Carousels, which are designed to provide a fresh and engaging approach to customer engagement.

The ALV Carousels add a multi-media marketing medium that includes images, humor, and inspirational quotes to the existing advertising space. These slides can start conversations or make your business more approachable.

Ready for More?

The Liberty Lake Portal is already experiencing the benefits of our innovative carousels. Call us today and find out how you can draw people together, network, and make connections with ADLocal Value.