In the aftermath of the Covid shutdowns, many people place an increasingly strong emphasis on human connections. Despite everything being opened back up, we are still contending largely with a world that has moved online in almost every facet of our lives. 

While the internet and technology have many great uses, more and more people are hungering for face-to-face interactions. Furthermore, most businesses thrive on human interactions. Without a customer base, there is no success! A desire to help and promote the welfare of others is often what inspires people to create a business in the first place.  

ADLocal Value recognizes a pressing need to bring people together and build local connections between businesses. Whether it comes to networking, establishing a clientele, or building your business, ADLocal Value has something for everyone.

Listed below are three groups of people that can benefit from a membership with ADLocal Value. 

An ALV Membership Benefits…  


Today, most of us care about shopping locally. We want to support local businesses and build relationships. Our ALV Carousels foster that connection through engaging slides and useful advertisements that bring exposure to other local businesses. This is beneficial and helpful for those shopping locally. 

Our unique marketing approach is designed to connect personally with you as a customer. We know that your attention is demanded through marketing logos on a daily basis, but our goal is different. Our aim is to entertain and help you by alerting you to other local businesses and sales through the local businesses that you trust. 

We are all about locals helping locals by making connections, building relationships, and keeping you informed about a business that you actually care about. Unlike other marketing techniques, our approach is transparent, above board, genuine, and understands the importance of you, the consumer. 


The best advertisements must be captivating and compelling to attract the attention of their viewers. We do this through the use of various slides that are both entertaining and informative. We create compelling images and headlines that will grab the attention of your viewers and make them want to follow you. As a bonus, ADLocal Value Ads are designed with a QR code that allows you to engage your clients and track each engagement.

Local digital advertising is a new, emerging, and effective marketing medium for when you need to reach the right audience. It allows advertisers to access the right people at the right time and place. You can rest assured knowing that your advertisements are reaching locals who have a vested interest in your business. 

Don’t meet the requirements to Advertise?  Any business can still have access to the greater ecosystem(s) of our customer engagement tools.


ADLocal Value has created a new approach to customer engagement that doesn’t involve using a quick and gimmicky method. Instead, we offer cutting-edge and cost-effective hardware loaded with carousel slides designed to entertain and inform the entire family. Children and adults will love our carousel slides. They are both entertaining and educational and invite engagement.

Our ALV carousels are an innovative way to allow businesses to interact with their customers in a fun way. Make your customer’s experience memorable as they sit in your business’s waiting room or lobby area. Show them you care!

Ready for More?

If you feel like you fit into any of these groups or want to hear more about our marketing strategies and how we can help you build your business, please call us today!